An Guntelles Keltek, Bro Alba 2011 The Celtic Congress, Scotland 2011

An Guntelles Keltek, Bro Alba 2011

The Celtic Congress, Scotland 2011

This year, the International Celtic Congress met in Fort William, Scotland for its annual gathering, where the Scottish Branch was celebrating its centenary, and 150 years of the production of one of its local papers, the Oban Times.  Most of the six countries were well represented, including a delegation from Kernow/Cornwall.  Cornish members included Tony Piper, chairman, Jerry Rogers, treasurer and International treasurer, Will Manley entertainer from the Group, Pentorr, Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Life President and several other members.

The speaker on the Congress theme, with specific reference to Islands, how geography influences people in their linguistic and Cultural Landscape, was Dr Loveday Jenkin, environmental biologist and recently in charge of the Great Trees of Cornwall Project. Her illustrated power point presentation, on Cornwall as ‘almost an island’ both historically, linguistically and culturally, was extremely well received and was one of the best of the presentations.

The following motion was drafted and presented by Phil Rendell of the Cornish Branch and seconded by Dr. Loveday Jenkin at the AGM:-

This International conference of the Celtic Congress, meeting in Fort William, Scotland in 2011, calls on the UK government to pay full heed to the arguments outlined in the Cornish National Minority Report 2, to remove the barriers whereby the Cornish remain unrecognised, unequal and uncounted, and to enable the Cornish to receive the full protection they deserve as a national minority within the spirit of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National minorities.

This motion was passed unanimously by the voting delegates from each country, and will now be sent to central government and to interested minority leaders in Parliament and other places.

Apart from the lectures and the AGM, other events included a welcome and reception from the Provost of Fort William, Gaelic lessons, a Young Peoples’ concert, a visit to a whisky distillery, an outing to Mallaig and Skye, a church service in Gaelic, and entertainment, good food and good company. It was one of the most successful and enjoyable congresses I have attended over the past fifty years.

Next year, the Congress will meet in August 2012 after the Lorient Festival, in Guingamp, Brittany and the following year in 2013, it is to return to Cornwall. For further information or to become members, please email Tony Piper or telephone 01209- 711509.

From: Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Kernow. An Gernyk, Fordh an Chapel, Leedstown, Hayle TR27 6BA. Tel. 01736-850332. Email:

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